Friday, December 30, 2011

Mob Expert Picks Top Mob Stories of 2011

Joseph Massino/gov photo

Mob Expert Picks Top Mob Stories of 2011- As New York mobster stories go, there seemed to be no shortage in 2011. Mob expert Jerry Capeci should know.
Capeci, a former New York Daily News reporter, runs the website Gang Land News. On Thursday, he picked the top mob stories of 2011.
Hands down, he writes, the top story was the Mafia Takedown arrests of 127 wiseguys and “various cohorts.”
Though Capeci picks the massive takedown in January as the top mob story of the year, he is not without some skepticism.
On the day of the announcement, Capeci writes that the “feds put on an overblown dog and pony show at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn in a pretty transparent effort to send a message to mobsters that they were still a top priority of the federal government.”