Monday, January 24, 2011

Hollywood Goodfella-mob sweep on Staten Island

Suspects in mob sweep led to arraignments Major mob bust nets 22, including 2 Island business owners. Alleged Gambino capo Carmine Scianda, 57, of Eltingville, who co-owns three popular Top Tomato stores with his family, ran the operation which loaned victims money at exorbitant rates, prosecutors charge. The cash allegedly was fronted by Benedetto (Benny) Casale of Todt Hill, owner of Bulls Head-based Casale Tile.

Victims were threatened with violence if they didn't pay, said authorities.

The pair were among 22 people arrested, including 11 borough residents, for a series of wide-ranging schemes that also included a reputed Luchese crime family loan-sharking and bookmaking operation run out of the Night Gallery, a New Dorp bar.

Click here for a press release from Cuomo's office detailing the charges.

Here is video of the key suspects being led to their arraignment this morning.

Suspects in mob sweep led to arraignments

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hollywood Goodfella: Exclusive: I know who killed gangster Kevin ‘Gerbil’ Carroll, says jailed assassin

GANGLAND assassin Raymond Anderson yesterday denied he was behind the death of Kevin "The Gerbil" Carroll.

And, in a jail interview, Anderson, 47, pointed the finger at the Lyons underworld clan.

He said Carroll - an enforcer for the rival Daniel family - was gunned down in revenge for a bungled hit on a Lyons gang member.

And he rejected claims that Carroll, 29, was killed outside an Asda superstore for informing on him and James McDonald over the 2006 slaying of underworld figure Michael Lyons.

At Shotts jail in Lanarkshire - where he is serving 35 years for Michael Lyons's murder - Anderson said he only learned the Gerbil was dead when he phoned his daughter half an hour after news of the shooting emerged on Tuesday.

Veteran actor Anthony Borgese of "Sopranos" and "Goodfellas" fame pleaded guilty Wednesday to extorting a debtor who was beaten by mob goons.