Thursday, March 24, 2011

Frankie Roche, admitted killer of mob boss Adolfo Bruno, tells jury of history of brutal behavior

NEW YORK - Frankie A. Roche, the admitted shooter in the 2003 contract murder of crime boss Adolfo "Big Al" Bruno in Springfield, Mass., conceded on the witness stand that in his life, he has been a chronic and impulsive boozer, has viciously beaten total strangers, has taken a 17-year-old date on a high-speed police chase through central Massachusetts as she screamed in terror, and shot Bruno in cold blood without even breaking a sweat.

That said, he still proved to be an unflappable witness for the government in an ongoing mob murder trial in federal court in Manhattan.

"Did you hesitate when you pulled the trigger?" Geas defense attorney Harvey Fishbein asked on cross-examination

Nope," answered Roche.

"You weren't nervous, were you?" the lawyer asked.

"Nope," Roche responded mildly

'You ever killed somebody before?" Fishbein continued. "First time? Your hands weren't even a little sweaty? Heart beating a little faster?"