Saturday, October 3, 2009

James Caan, Anthony Fiato, Joe Pesci

James Caan once ordered a Mafia-type investigation on fellow actor Joe Pesci after the star refused to pay a hotel bill, according to new reports. Caan called on mobster Anthony Fiato,'The Animal', to "take care" of Joe Pesci after learning about an $8,000 bill that wasn't paid after Pesci stayed with Princess Diana's late lover Dodi Fayed at a pal's Miami, Florida, hotel in 1982..

Caan's spokesman Arnold Robinson has blasted Fiato's claims, made to the tabloid National Enquirer, insisting his client and Pesci are the best of friends, but mobster Anthony Fiato points out that FBI tapes he has given to the publication can't be wrong.

Fiato says, "Jimmy can say he's a friend of Pesci's now. But he can't deny that at one time he tried to hurt him. It's on tape."
In an extract from the tapes, printed in the new issue of the Enquirer, Caan seems delighted when Fiato admits, "We'll get to him (Pesci)," stating, "Good, good." The actor later adds, "We're gonna make him pay."
The FBI tapes, featuring Fiato's conversation with James Caan, were produced a decade ago when the mobster testified during a murder trial.