Monday, September 7, 2009

Vincent "The Schemer" Drucci

Vincent Drucci also known as "The Schemer" (1898 - April 4, 1927) was a Chicago mobster during Chicago's Prohibition era who served as a lieutenant under Dean O'Banion's North Side Gang and later as gang boss. Drucci was one of the few mobsters to ever be killed by a law enforcement officer.

Drucci received a lavish funeral at Mount Carmel Cemetery, typical of gangland fashion at the time. Drucci's silver casket cost $10,000 and more than $30,000 in flowers adorned the funeral rooms.

The war between the North and South Side gangs would continue until the 1929 Saint Valentine's Day massacre, which effectively destroyed the North Side Gang. Capone and the South Side Gang, to be known as the Chicago Outfit, took over the North Side of Chicago and became the pre-eminent criminal organization in that city. Read More