Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jerry’ Angiulo dies at 90

It was Boston’s first big Mafia case. New England mob underboss Gennaro “Jerry’’ Angiulo was captured on FBI tapes played at his 1985-86 trial ordering a soldier to “stomp,’’ stab, and strangle a witness, bragging about his crimes and berating underlings.
The wise-cracking Mr. Angiulo, who stood only 5 foot 7 and had a booming voice, serenaded spectators during a morning recess with his own version of, “I’m Just a Gigolo,’’ singing: “I’m just a racketeer, that’s all I ever hear, people know the game I’m playing. When they lay me to rest, with a lily on my chest, the gang will go on without me.’’
Ninety-year-old Mr. Angiulo, who outlived most of his old gang and witnessed the decline of the local Mafia, died yesterday at Massachusetts General Hospital of renal failure from kidney disease, according to his lawyer, Anthony Cardinale.

The once powerful mobster, who ruled Boston’s rackets from the 1960s until the early 1980s, considered it a personal victory that he survived 24 years in prison, won his release two years ago, and died a free man, friends said.
“He was determined to get out of jail, despite what was thought to be a life sentence, and spend the rest of his life with his family,’’ Cardinale said. “He accomplished that. He was a very strong-willed person. He outlived most of his enemies.’’ Full Story