Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mob killer Calabrese in solitary for threats


December 3, 2008
BY STEVE WARMBIR Staff Reporter/
Mob killer Frank Calabrese Sr., who once threatened in open court to kill a prosecutor, has been placed under tough lockdown measures usually reserved for terrorists at the Metropolitan Correctional Center after allegedly threatening again to kill the same prosecutor, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.
Calabrese Sr., 74, has been placed in solitary confinement since last month and is extremely limited in whom he can talk to, in an apparent attempt by the feds to stop him from communicating any orders for outsiders to carry out.
Frank Calabrese Sr. is awaiting sentencing on his conviction in last year's Family Secrets trial. He was placed under lockdown at the prison after allegedly threatening to kill a prosecutor.
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He can only be visited by three immediate family members and cannot speak with fellow prisoners. His defense attorney, Joseph “The Shark” Lopez, said he was turned away from visiting Calabrese Sr. Tuesday even though Lopez signed a form swearing he will not pass on any communications.
“If he has hemorrhoids, I can’t tell his wife,” Lopez said.
The U.S. attorney’s office had no comment on the restrictions, described as special administrative measures. White supremacist Matt Hale, who plotted to murder a federal judge, was under similar restrictions five years ago.
In last year’s Family Secrets trial, Calabrese Sr. was found to have committed seven mob hits. During prosecutor Markus Funk’s closing argument, he threatened that Funk was a “f------ dead man.”
He is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 11 and faces life behind bars.


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